Three poems by Subhashis Bhaduri || Translated by Amrita Bera

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Before the deluge

moisture-926141_1280Unrelenting rains are like relentless heartaches. Just like our drizzly love and affections. In dimly lit tea shops, in the camouflage of evening, noon arrives. Rarely can Kolkata be seen like this. Under the belly of the flyover, two extremely busy men, like the crows are brushing water off their shirts. Wiping off the scene with their handkerchiefs, they want to make their vision more clear. At the traffic signal, songs of nature can be heard.

Stray dogs and beggars are sitting nuzzled against the pavement. Some are swearing, someone else is absolutely quiet.

Utterly still, just like a damp cloud.


প্লাবনের আগে

একটানা মনখারাপের মতো একটা টানা বৃষ্টি। আমাদের ভালবাসাবাসিগুলো।

যেমন ঝিরঝিরে, ঠিক তেমনটি।নিভু-নিভু চায়ের দোকান, সন্ধ্যের ছদ্মবেশে এসে হাজির দুপুর।

এমন কলকাতা কচ্চিৎ-কদাচিৎ পাওয়া যায়। ফ্লাইওভারের তলপেটে কাকের ঢঙে দুটো ব্যস্ত মানুষ,

শার্টের জল ঝাড়ছে। রুমালে দৃশ্য মুছে একটু স্পষ্ট করতে চাইছে চোখ। ট্রাফিক সিগনালে বাজছে

প্রকৃতি পর্যায়ের গান।


কুকুর আর ভিকিরিগুলো ফুটপাতে আরো ছাঁজা ঘেঁসে বসেছে।

কেউ-কেউ খিস্তি করছে, কেউ আবার একদম চুপ।

এক্কেবারে ভেজা মেঘের মতো, থম মেরে আছে।




The Developing Third World

Somewhere on a clumsy road

The lone man remains awake


After the last bus leaves,

Slowly shutting the rickety bamboo door

He loosens up his soul-less body


Before that

He had just said chuckling –

‘You know brother,

This tea stall at this crossing

Is there since before time.’


হাইওয়ে প্রগতি

লোকটা একা জেগে থাকে

কোথায় আনাড়ি কোন পথে


শেষ বাস চলে গেলে, শরীর এলায়,

ধীরে ফেলে দরমার ঝাঁপ


তার আগে

শুধু, ক্লান্ত হেসে বলেছিল-

কি জানেন দাদা

সেই স্বদেশি অমল থেকে আছে, অনেক পুরানো

এই তেমাথার চায়ের দোকান




On A Quiet Day

Through the fringe of the day birds are coming

Flying back in the evening

Colors are falling over the water of the rivers


In the great tranquil

A few men are walking back

As if there is no haste this year


Everything is calm

There is no infiltration anywhere around


The day of voting is still very far.


শান্ত একটি দিন

দিনের পরিধি থেকে পাখি উড়ে আসছে বিকেলে

নদীজলে ঝরে পড়ছে রং


দু একজন হেঁটে ফিরছে

খুব শান্ত

যেন কোনও তাড়া নেই এ বছর


সব ঠাণ্ডা

দোলাচল নেই


আবার ভোটের দিন অনেকটা দূর


About the Poet:

Subhashis Bhaduri, Poet, Writer, Poetry, Poem, Creative Writing in India, Creative Writing in Delhi, Creative Writing in NCR. Creative Writing in KolkataBorn on 17th of May, 1970 in Kolkata, a post- graduate from Jadavpur University, Subhashis Bhaduri had been keenly interested in literature and arts from his childhood and no later he started leaving mark of his own, in the arena of Bengali literature by contributing in all genres of writing, which appeared in the various leading Bengali dailies, literary magazines, and little magazines etc. By his late twenties, he became a noted writer in the contemporary Bengali literature, especially poetry, for his unmatched style of expressing the journey of the inner self – the soul and the sacred eternal life with all its wisdom and amazements, in a sublime manner, yet in a low-key voice. His poems, conveyed through the socio-political perspectives, in their abstractness have fine poetic nuances, whereas some of his poems carry metaphors from Indian mythology and are metaphysical in nature, with lofty abstractness as their inherent components.

Till date the poet has 7 poetry collections to his credit. The collections are: Subhashis Bhadurir Lekha (1996), Ishwar Aamar (2001), Aschorjo Bhugoley (2007), Bhitor Moner Darbesh (2010), Ratripurusher Mukh (2012), Janganman (2013), and Nirambu Sakare Mile (2013). He is recipient of West Bengal’s prestigious Birendra Chattopadhyay poetry award. He is also actively involved in writing children’s literature, short stories, articles and essays. He is the editor of a socio-political bulletin, by the name Kotha-barta. Besides writing, Subhashis also paints and is an ardent social activist.

About the Translator:

Amrita Bera, Translator, Poetry, Poem, Creative Writing in India, Creative Writing in Delhi, Creative Writing in NCR, Creative Writing in NoidaBorn in Kolkata, Amrita Bera is a writer and a translator. She writes and translates in three languages – Hindi, English and Bengali. She has published the following works of translations – (a) A collection of Poetry and ghazals of a contemporary Hindi writer, Vivek Mishra, translated from Hindi to English, by the name Light through a Labyrinth, which had been published from Writers Workshop, Kolkata, and (b) She has translated the latest, that is the 7th part of the autobiography of the exiled Bangladeshi writer, Taslima Nasrin’s Nirvasan from Bengali to Hindi, published by Vani Prakashan, Delhi. She is regularly translating articles of Taslima Nasrin for a reputed Hindi literary magazine Hans for over three years now. Her translated poems, articles, and short stories of various authors appear regularly in most of the noted Hindi, English, and Bengali magazines viz. Indian literature (Sahitya Akademi), Outlook, India Today, Indraprastha Bharti (Delhi Hindi Academy), Vagarth, Pratiman, Protidin (Bengali) etc. Currently an awarded Bengali novel Dozakhnama written by the renowned Bengali novelist, Rabishanker Bal, which she has translated in Hindi is in the process of getting published by Harper Collins. An anthology of Bengali poems of Subhashis Bhaduri, which has been translated in English by her, is also on its way to getting published. A lover of music, Amrita specializes in singing ghazals. She lives in Delhi.

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