The Connector – By Bibhas Roy Chowdhury

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fantasy-547081_640It does not make any sense that
you hurt your throat and bleed your mouth to say — love you…

You can express your love without even uttering a word. You can

We have been tortured, yet we can’t even say love you…
I continue to look at you without blinking my eyes!

When I said ‘we’
I meant the roadside flowers, the village river, the unknown birds as well.

We never shout to portray our love. We have remained quiet the whole life, side by side.
We never hated,
but this morning

we told the metropolis to return from one end of this connector

(Translated by Kiriti Sengupta from its original Bengali poem by Bibhas Roy Chowdhury)

Bibhas Roy Chowdhury, poet, poem, Bengali, Poem ContinuousBibhas Roy Chowdhury was born in the year 1968, in the terminal town Bongaon of West Bengal. His poems bear the characteristic features of the language of love, turmoil of the life of a poet, Partition of Bengal, and resplendent light of the lost lives. Although he has received many awards, he prefers to keep private.

Kiriti Sengupta, poet, poem, author, translator, bengali, Kiriti Sengupta is a bilingual poet and translator in both Bengali and English. He is the author of three bestselling titles, My Glass Of Wine, a novelette based on autobiographic poetry, The Reverse Tree, a nonfictional memoir, and Healing Waters Floating Lamps [Poetry]. Kiriti’s other works include: My Dazzling Bards [literary critique], The Reciting Pens [interviews of three published Bengali poets along with translations of a few of their poems], The Unheard I [literary nonfiction], Desirous Water [poems by Sumita Nandy, contributed as the translator], and Poem Continuous – Reincarnated Expressions [poems by Bibhas Roy Chowdhury, contributed as the translator]. Reviews of his works can be read on The Fox Chase Review and Reading SeriesMuse India, Red Fez Magazine, Word Riot, and in The Hindu Literary Review, among other places. Sengupta has also co-edited three anthologies: Scaling Heights, Jora Sanko – The Joined Bridge, and Epitaphs.

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