Talented children in ‘Naughty Monty Goes for a Walk’ || Literature Studio’s Short Story Writing Workshop for Children

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Naughty Monty Goes for a Walk - A Creative Writing Workshop i Delhi for Children, Literature Studio

Children always manage to surprise us, be it our Summer Scholars or the even younger tiny tots. So far we had been conducting workshops for children who are older than 10 years, but in the beginning of the New Year we decided to include younger children in our programs as well. On January 11, 2015, Literature Studio organized a creative writing workshop for children aged 6 to 9 in Rohini, Delhi. And the outcome stunned us!

Naughty Monty Goes for a Walk - A creative writing workshop in Delhi for children, Literature Studio

Eight lovely children participated in the first edition and demonstrated incredible imagination through the various exercises we organized for them. Imagine an angry bloodhound whose best friend is a donkey called “Tandoori Chicken”, and this was a tiny 8-year-old revealing his sense of humour. And this eternal lesson from a 7-year-old, such as “And by making his friend happy, Naughty Monty, the happy lion, became happier.” Children created incredible characters such as a “hyperactive dinosaur”, a “sad elephant”, a “naughty tiger” and took them on various journeys.

This was an exploratory workshop where children discovered the skill of looking at the world through someone else’s perspective, a skill that can make our world immensely better.

Naughty Monty Goes for a Walk - A creative writing workshop in Delhi for children, Literature StudioAt the end of the workshop, children read out their stories and we were incredibly proud of these little angels. The fact that the workshop was effective was proven to us when a participant’s mother reported to us that her child had written another story during a free period next day. We will publish that story on our blog very soon.

We now feel encouraged to do this workshop at other locations in NCR. The details will be published soon.

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