Monday Musings || Somewhere – A Poem by Trivarna Hariharan

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Somewhere as we sigh,

A leaf liberates itself from the austere grip of a bark.


Somewhere as our hearts grow moist,

Prayers resound in churches.

Prayers for the well-being of those that are,

and those that are yet to arrive.


Somewhere as we think of those that we are bound to think of,

someone dispenses with his watch and clothes himself with overdone

patinas that segue seamlessly with his bronze body and wooden soul.


Somewhere as we think of each other,

smiles fall off, facades drop, but the drum charades continue.


Somewhere as we try to love,

Clocks stop ticking,

and the world hides itself beneath opaque sheets

that we never seem to fathom, and hours don’t seem to recede.


Trivarna Hariharan, Poetry, Poem, Creative Writing, Verse, Free Verse, Creative Writing in IndiaTrivarna Hariharan is a 16 year old author, musician, filmmaker and humanitarian. Her first book, School Days, was published in the year 2013 and has been placed in the British Library. Besides writing and reading, she is a Grade 4 Keyboardist and has received a distinction from the Trinity College of London. Her first film won the Chinh India Best Children’s Film award.

She aspires to pursue art, for she believes that it is a tool that empowers a person to positively impact a lot of lives.


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  2. Makes one wonder…

    Lovely poem !

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