Five Questions to Poet Dinesh Gupta ‘Din’

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dinesh gupta din, oet, shayar, kaviDinesh Gupta ‘Din’ is a software engineer by profession and a poet by Passion. His poetry, articles, book reviews, and interviews have been featured in several online and print magazines and leading national newspapers including Dainik Jagran, Dainik Dakshin Mumbai, After Break, Delhi Aur Delhi, Purnviram, Delhi Replika, Mathrubhumi, Janpath Samachar, Janmbhumi, Forever News, APN News. His poetry has been published in three poetry collections: 1) Kadam Dhundti Raahen, 2) Shabdon Ki Chahalkadmi, and 3) Bikhri Aus Ki bunden.

He is also performing Poet and participated in several Poetry events. Dinesh started writing by interest early, but now a days Poetry is passion for him. When People ask Combination of Engineer and Hindi Poet is rare, how it’s happen with you, he just says: “Engineering is my profession by Poetry is my passion. Poetry floods in by Body in form of blood. You can read few of his creations here:

Literature Studio (LS): When did you first start writing poetry? What was your first inspiration?

Dinesh Gupta (DG): What can I say but this…

भीतर की गहराई और बाहर की तन्हाई ने शायर बना दिया

On a serious note, I started writing when I was in 8th standard. I took inspiration from life back then, but, with time, it got lost somewhere. Later, when I was studying engineering I heard about Dr Kumar Vishvas and since then I have been following him. I am highly inspired by him and he is the one whose Poetry and Poetic Journey helps me bring the Poet inside me to the surface again. This was actually rebirth of my poetry. Since then I have been writing continuously and I got tremendous response on social media from my readers.

शब्द नए चुनकर गीत वही हर बार लिखूं मैं

उन दो आँखों में अपना सारा संसार लिखूं मैं

विरह की वेदना लिखूं या मिलन की झंकार लिखूं मैं

कैसे चंद लफ़्ज़ों में सारा प्यार लिखूं  मैं !

These days engineering is my profession but poetry is my passion.

LS: What are the themes you delve in?

DG: I write in free format without any limitation of Ras or Flavor of Poetry. To be able to write, I hardly ever need to think too much or depend on a pen and paper. Whenever anything around or inside me affects me deeply it results in an instantaneous flow of poetry. Mostly I write on romance, patriotism, and on social issues. If there’s anything that touches my heart and If I am able to find the right words to express it, it will flow out in form of poetry. I write all forms of poetry, such as Shayari, Kavita, Geet, and Ghazal.

जब भी तेरी याद का एक लम्हा मेरी आँखों में उतर आता है

मेरे दिल का सारा दर्द शब्दों में उतर आता है  ! 

LS: How easy or difficult is life as a poet? What makes you stick to poetry?

DG: Life as a poet is very satisfying provided it is just your hobby and trust me it is a great feeling to know that you have the ability to express yourself in words that can move others. However, as soon as it becomes your profession it becomes tough until you get big success at commercial level. And that is very rare. Although now it is getting very tough for me to balance all the Ps (Personal life, Profession, and Poetry), I am still very attached to poetry because I do not see myself separate from Poetry.

LS: Do you have a favorite time of the day when you prefer to write?

DG: No, this is not how it works for me.  According to me

अपने अंतर की चेतना और अनुभूति की अभिव्यक्ति भर है कविता  

कविता का जन्म कभी भी होता है, दिन मेंरात में, हार मेंजीत में, प्रीत मेंरीत में, जय मेंपराजय  में , आशा मेंनिराशा में, वैभव मेंपराभव में, यश मेंअपयश में, अपेक्षा मेंउपेक्षा में, सम्मान मेंअपमान  में, बेचैनी मेंसुकून में, ख़ामोशी मेंजूनून में, होने मेंना होने में, पाने मेंखो देने में 

LS: How do you connect with your readers? What should your readers keep in mind when they set out to read your poetry?

DG: People connect with me because I write about contemporary concerns and in language that anyone can understand and feel.

जो कुछ भी मेरी कलम से उभरता है, वो सीधा लोगों के दिलों में  उतरता है

Usually I write on Srinagar which is a favorite topic for young generation, but I can write poetry on any topic or social issues that deeply hurt or inspire me. For example, few days back I written 4 lines on crime against Women:

आज भी किसी बहिनबेटीबहु की अश्मिता है दाव पर

हर घटना खबर बनकर उड़ जाती है, चाय की चुस्कियों के चाव पर

क्यों नहीं बदलता कहीं, कुछ  भी, कभी पुरे देश के ताव पर

हर बार नमक छिड़क देता है कोई दरिंदा भरते हुए घाव पर 

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