Announcing the first “Writing Saturday” || Five Questions about the Recurring Event

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Literature Studio announces the much-awaited “Writing Saturdays”. (For more details about Writing Saturdays refer to the Five Questions section below)

The first Writing Saturday will be held in Noida on 29 March, 2014 , the last Saturday of March.

The theme this month will be “Shades of Horror”.  We will read some excerpts from fiction works published across the world, do some writing exercises, share our works, and discuss the problems we face while writing horror.

If you are interested in participating, send your brief profile along with a few words about why you want to attend this particular Writing Saturday to by 15 March 2014, EOD.


Five Questions about Writing Saturdays

Q: What are Writing Saturdays? 

A: On the last Saturday of every month, Literature Studio will be organizing an informal get-together of writers. These  Saturdays will henceforth be known as “Writing Saturdays”.

Q: What will be the theme?
A: It will be different every time, but one thing is for sure — it will always be related to writing. We will announce the theme at the beginning of each month, so that you can decide whether you want to participate or not. 

Q: What will be the agenda?
A: We will hold discussions, readings, conduct exercises, share works and problems, and indulge in other “writerly” stuff, such as drinking coffee. All activities will revolve around the theme. The idea is to thrash the theme left, right, and center, and learn as much about it as possible.

Q: What does one have to do to attend and will one have to pay anything? 
A: As the seats will be limited, we will only be able to invite a handful of writers. We want to make sure we don’t miss those who are interested in the theme and will benefit from the session. We will call for applications at the beginning of each month, along with the theme. If you wish to attend a Writing Saturday, you will need to send a brief profile of yourself and the reason why you want to attend this particular Writing Saturday to If your profile is selected, you will be informed via email at least 10 days before the event.

Regarding the charges, at least the first few sections will be free of charge. Later, if we feel that we need to invest more, we may charge a small fee from the participants.

Q:  Where and at what time will the Writing Saturday be held? And how long will one session be?

A: We will announce the general area and time along with the theme at the beginning of each month. The exact address and time will be sent to the selected participants along with the invitation. One session will be around 3 hours long.

If you have any other questions about Writing Saturdays, please leave a comment on this post or write to us at



  1. If anybody can’t come and want to participate.what is the process?
    Please tell me because I can’t come.

  2. Hi!
    The idea sounds really new and interesting, so thank you for listening to the wails of the writers and organizing something where we can actually indulge in things that we like.
    Could you also PLEASE let me know what else do we need to be a part of this? Like, what should my profile to you contain?

    Again, all the best for the endeavour. Waiting to hear from you very soon!

    • Hi Snigdha,

      Thanks for your generous comment. Your profile should help us know you as a writer. You are also required to tell us in about 100 words why you wish to attend the first Writing Saturday, which deals with “shades of horror” in particular.

      We will look forward to your email.

      Literature Studio

  3. Great initiative. Will be sending my profile shortly and loom forward to the meet up & discussion!

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