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“I have a dream…”

Delivered to thousands of civil rights supporters, this speech by Martin Luther King, Jr heralded the possibility of a world without racism. It took just one dream to trigger the revolution that would eventually change the way the world responds to skin colour. And it usually takes just one dream to bring about any change, big or small, in the society.

Literature Studio, too, is the result of a dream. Writers through centuries have caused revolutions, documented history, and have even conjured up new worlds. However, making a living as a writer is considered to be quite difficult. As a result, most of us do not consider writing as a viable career option for ourselves or for our children. And even if some of us do want to become writers, there is hardly any guidance, training, or mentorship available. And these are some of the problems we wish to resolve.

We offer writing courses to help you polish your skills, and we also take up writing, editing, proofreading, and translation assignments, which we deliver on time with excellent quality.

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